A great day ahead…




Busy life

Ok so I fell off a bit. I’ve been studying for my Real Estate license, going to the track every other day, (ya one day at the gym was enough for me) and working my ass of at work. I’m exhausted. I haven’t had any time to blog for those of you who like to read my bitch and moans. And for that, I’m sorry. 

I am sitting here on my whopping 1/2 lunch break, choking down my normal 200 cal salad and I thought, “I should blog, it’s been a minute.” And here we are. I have embarked on healthier eating and jogging for the past month. Haven’t lost much weight but I can feel the inches that have peaced out. It now makes me sick watching my husband eat so much junk food. 

Anyways, just wanted to stop in and say what’s up blogger world!!! Xoxo!!!


I did something I’ve never done before…

Last night I had an epiphany. I have spent my whole life taking care of everyone else and it’s now time to take care of me. My kids are now old enough to fend for themselves. My husband is a big boy and can make decisions. Half the time I feel like telling him “Figure it out.” anyways. My family will not shrivel up and die because I’m not home every night to take care of them. 

So today, I stepped foot into a gym. Gyms are intimidating right? Well for me, it’s intimidating X 1,000. I have anxiety and social setting where you are judged, sent a that into high gear. BUT, I did it. It’s not a chain but a family run business. I felt very comfortable there and I didn’t feel judged. Although it’s 3 times the price of the chain that my husband checks into on FB all the time, feeling comfortable is worth it. And no, I refuse to “check-in” on FB. NOBODY CARES!!!!

So… June will be D Day. Wish me luck!

Am I really old enough

to have an 18 year old? My daughter turned 18 on Friday. It seems like yesterday I was walking laps around the neighborhood at 3am. She also got her license, and a car. I think she had a pretty good bday… 

It’s funny. People think we are sisters, friends, lovers. You name it. Whenever we go somewhere together, people look at me and go, “And you are…” “I’m mom.” And then comes the look of shock on their face. I dunno, maybe it’s the fact that I was only 11 when I had her. Lol 😉

I can’t believe I have an adult-child. 😁


Jealousy, it’s an ugly thing.

As I sit here, ready to go to this wedding that I’ve been dreading, I sit here perturbed. I’m mad at myself for feeling this way because I don’t give a fuck but obviously I do because it’s bugging me.

This is the “event” I wrote about in a previous blog where everything would be super. My sister-in-law has said a few really nice things about her new sister-in-law over Facebook (damn you Facebook, you are always the center of drama!) since their engagement and I don’t remember anything nice done like that for me… And she was my MOH. We didn’t have a rehearsal dinner because his parents (although split up) didn’t pay for one, but they had a lovely one last night. *side note: dad didn’t show and pay his half. Typical D-Bag. 

So I don’t know if this is jealously I feel that they are being treated more special than my husband and I did for our day or if my feelings are just hurt. I really wish this didn’t bother me but it does. I can’t even drink because I’m afraid what may come out of my mouth. 🙊

Just. Get. Through. The. Day. 

Then we can drive home, see my dogs who I miss so much, who don’t judge me because I’ve put on a few pounds, and forget about this weekend. ✌🏼️

Annoyances Part Deux

Yep, there’s a need to list some additional annoyances today. Let’s begin:

  1. Riots/protestors whatever the fuck you want to call yourselves… Just. Stop. It. You are a menace. 
  2. Prius drivers. Is it a prerequisite to not know how to drive or is it just a huge coincidence?
  3. The Kardashians- please kill yourselves 
  4. People that butt in to conversations… Was I talking to you? Nope. BUTT OUT.
  5. Those who are constantly late. You live 15 minutes from work and you can’t get there on time? I commute at least 45 and I’m never late. Figure out that equation. Get your lazy ass up earlier. 
  6. Snooty bitches
  7. Chewing with your mouth open
  8. Being interrupted when I’m talking. I hate not finishing my story. Ugh. 
  9. When you can’t get a word in because someone won’t stop talking. Omg stfu. 
  10. The way some cars from a distance behind you, look like cop cars….
  11. Gas prices
  12. Movie ticket prices 
  13. Dog hair and the fact that it sticks to EVERYTHING 
  14. Facebook suggesting me being friends with my ex husband. How about no. I’d rather have a root canal. 
  15. The fact that we still have no middle finger or eye roll emoji. Get with the program. We don’t need fluorescent yellow people. Give us the finger!!!!



I came across a great list of annoyances the other day on https://mymiddlenameissarcasm.wordpress.com. Some made me snort and nod my head. I am now motivated to do my own which I’ll limit to 20… in no particular order…

  1.  Liars
  2. Irritating Noises 
  3. Yappy dogs
  4. Snoring
  5. Having to do things over because your boss can’t make a decision 
  6. Cleaning up after capable people 
  7. Drivers who speed up to get in front of you, just to slow down (and there’s nobody behind you)
  8. People that repeat themselves over and over and over
  9. Dust
  10. Adult Zits-WTF?
  11. Sweat, oh wait, we glisten 
  12. The fact that my dogs have to go out to pee 50 times a day
  13. Being talked to right when I get home from work
  14. Relationship drama on Facebook
  15. Gym check-ins on Facebook (my husband does this and I have to fight back the comment “who the fuck cares?”)
  16. Asking me questions when you have notes that have the answers
  17. Asking me the same question when I’ve already answered it a week prior
  18. Leaving just enough of something so that you don’t have to throw away the container
  19. Using the scissors to cut something and then leaving that something in the junk drawer where the scissors are
  20. Cigarette smokers who fling their stoggies out of the car window and it lands in my grill and then my ac smells like smoke. 😖


I almost lost it last night.

So there I was, in bed, trying to sleep. I was so tired. So. Very. Tired. And god dammit my husband fell asleep first. 

His snoring drowns out the sound of the train that goes by. My ear plugs weren’t even working. I tried waking him. He would not wake up. I laid there just getting more and more ticked off. I wanted to punch him. In the face. Hard. Lol. 

But instead I got up and slept on the couch. I deserve a fucking medal.